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About Us

Our services

Mishra Consulting LLC provides business consulting services targeted at startups and new ventures within larger organizations and corporations.  

We focus on Go-to-Market strategies, fundraising, branding and positioning, business development and key industry partnerships.  We have extensive experience across multiple technology areas, including: Mobile; Social; Gaming; Multimedia; Enterprise; Consumer Electronics; PC; VR/AR; and Computer Vision.

Companies we have been involved in through employment, management, consultancy or advisory capacities in total have raised over $100M and exited for over half a $Billion.

We can bring success to your new venture based on our extensive expertise and network of investors, partners, customers and solutions providers that we can leverage and engage you with.

We're not actively seeking unsolicited clients but if you are connected to folks we know who can introduce you, or to us on LinkedIn or other networks, we're excited to hear from you.

Our mission

We have been in business for over half a decade with our founder and principal having over twenty years as a Silicon Valley founder, executive, advisor and consultant.  We've supported everything from large multinationals to 'two engineers with an idea' startups taking both - and every type in-between - to their goals.  

Multiple successful products deployed in the market, millions of units sold across PC, mobile, CE and software in diverse industries, have led to lucrative exits over many years.

Our primary interest is in helping to build novel, differentiated, ideas turn into successful industry leaders and support teams that need to fill gaps early on in their executive capabilities, without the overhead (and overkill) of hiring a full-time C-level staff.

We can assist with business planning, strategic marketing, go-to-market, fund-raising, and partnerships and distribution engagements. 

If you’re an early-stage startup looking to get going but don’t want an unwieldy, idle full-time exec team until you’re in the market and generating revenues or raised significant funding, we can fill the gap and get you where you need to be without breaking the bank.  And we’ll be the first to tell you when you shouldn’t be engaging us for a project (we've learned this doesn’t help you or us in the long run, and we don’t need short-term, unhappy clients).